Welcome to robertbeacon.com. Here you will find the entire CD “Robert Beacon-Spirituals” available for download free. No strings attached. You may choose between the following options. MP3 48khz/24 Bit/320 bps or FLAC format 96khz/24 Bit with minimum compression.

I am in the process of setting up dates for a tour thru the south/mid west and south west. All performances will be at local Churches or Christian music venues/festivals only. If you would like to be notified if I am performing in your area, click here and include your email and state. You will be notified of performances scheduled for your area.

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My new album "Spirituals" is available as a free download. The album was recorded live in the studio without any overdubs, with just one guitar, one vocal and a foot tap. The album includes some cover versions, including 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' made famous by Led-Zeppelin, but included with the original Christian lyrics.

"I have always been attracted to the blues", admits Robert. "From the beginning of my musical journey, starting with the electric blues based bands. Then the discovery of the delta blues. Being a Christian made me move on from the secular bands once I discovered the Gospel Spirituals.The sounds of Blind Willie Johnson and other artist of this genre had me hooked.The sound of the lone acoustic slide guitar with vocals has a sound all it's own.

Recording these great songs was a challenge. I have tried to keep the original intention while adding my own vibe. I firmly believe that recording these songs should be different than the originals. There are many covers of these great songs, yet most are copies of the originals.

Each song was recorded live with no overdubs. This is Robert Beacon live in a great sounding room. “The purpose of this endeavor is not fame or fortune of any kind. The purpose is to praise Christ with music.” The entire CD is available to download for free on this website.

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